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Crescent Moon Rising Chp 1 Pg 3 by SpicyDepression Crescent Moon Rising Chp 1 Pg 3 :iconspicydepression:SpicyDepression 1 0 Black Rose Design by SpicyDepression Black Rose Design :iconspicydepression:SpicyDepression 0 0 Crescent Moon Rising Chp 1 Pg 2 by SpicyDepression Crescent Moon Rising Chp 1 Pg 2 :iconspicydepression:SpicyDepression 2 2 Crescent Moon Rising Chp 1 Page 1 by SpicyDepression Crescent Moon Rising Chp 1 Page 1 :iconspicydepression:SpicyDepression 1 0 Kyra Expressions by SpicyDepression Kyra Expressions :iconspicydepression:SpicyDepression 3 0 Lip Study by SpicyDepression Lip Study :iconspicydepression:SpicyDepression 1 0 Pretty When You Cry by SpicyDepression Pretty When You Cry :iconspicydepression:SpicyDepression 1 0
He lied to Us
Something I wrote for my AU/fanfic
Joey awoke on the wooden floor. His head pounded. He noticed that everyone except for Henry and Sammy, was there.
“Mr. Drew, what's going on?” Norman asked.
“I don't know.” He said. He realized exactly where they were. “Oh no..”
“What is this place?” Wally asked.
“I have no idea.” Susie said.
“Glad to see you're all here!” a voice said. The room suddenly turned inky and dark. Bendy himself appeared.
“You…” Joey said
“Don't look so sad! You're be glad when this is over.” the ink demon said.
“What do you mean?” Joey asked.
“Well.. Bendy and Friends isn't that without...Friends.” he said
“Oh no...Bendy stop this!” Joey said.
“Trust me, it won't hurt!” He said. “Soon you will all be like me.”
“What did we ever do to you Bendy?”
“You..Nothing. But Joey here….he lied to me.
:iconspicydepression:SpicyDepression 0 0
Guilty Pleasure Ship by SpicyDepression Guilty Pleasure Ship :iconspicydepression:SpicyDepression 0 0 Susie Campbell, Alice Angel and Kyra by SpicyDepression Susie Campbell, Alice Angel and Kyra :iconspicydepression:SpicyDepression 0 0 Kyra's Ink Adventure Page 1 by SpicyDepression Kyra's Ink Adventure Page 1 :iconspicydepression:SpicyDepression 0 0 Kyra Doodles by SpicyDepression Kyra Doodles :iconspicydepression:SpicyDepression 1 0 Kyra Ref Sheet by SpicyDepression Kyra Ref Sheet :iconspicydepression:SpicyDepression 1 0 Chapter 2 Page 8 by SpicyDepression Chapter 2 Page 8 :iconspicydepression:SpicyDepression 0 0 Chapter 2 Page 7 by SpicyDepression Chapter 2 Page 7 :iconspicydepression:SpicyDepression 0 0 Chapter 2 Page 6 by SpicyDepression Chapter 2 Page 6 :iconspicydepression:SpicyDepression 0 0


Stress of the Job by KlairedeLys Stress of the Job :iconklairedelys:KlairedeLys 15 2 The Zombie Hunter by KlairedeLys The Zombie Hunter :iconklairedelys:KlairedeLys 16 0
Project 1187: Chapter 4
-Chapter 4-
Eleven Eighty-Seven
By VapidFrobie/XenoFrobe
I wandered slowly through the woods, still carrying the gun.  I could apparently use it now, but just how it would come in handy, I couldn't imagine.  Frankly, I didn't want it to, but wishing wouldn't stop them from coming after me.  And I had a feeling they would.
I was dragging my feet as I walked.  I had just woken up from a nice sleep, but I still felt utterly spent.
Oh, man, I'm hungry.
I was heading back to civilization for just that reason.  They had stuff I needed.  Food, clothing, everything.
I had a goal in mind: find the woman who rescued me.  I never got to thank her properly.  Besides, she could probably help me get beck on my feet.  Sure, maybe it wasn't a good long term strategy, but right now, I had no idea what the long term held, or if long term was even an option for me.  
So, I had to focus on the short
:iconxenofrobe:XenoFrobe 4 36
Project 1187: Interlude 3.5
-Interlude 3.5-
Nov. 9, 2015, 5:37 PM Pacific time.
POV: Camera 17, retrieved tape
A dark, blurry image lies before the camera.  A couple of random reflections shimmer in a narrow rectangle of light, but the sources are too small to make out.  
A door on the right side of the image slides open, flooding the room with bright white fluorescent light from the hallway.  A man identifiable as a military officer by his uniform, and a colonel by his badges, walks in, pocketing a security pass as he does so.  He flicks on the lights as he walks past the switch, blinding the camera for a moment until the sensors adjust.
A scene of utter chaos reveals itself in front of him.  Tables are overturned, glass is shattered everywhere, and medical supplies lie scattered and mostly broken on the floor.  He lets out a deep sigh, and kneels down.  He picks up a syringe and looks at it, turning it over in his unbandaged
:iconxenofrobe:XenoFrobe 5 29
Project 1187: Chapter 3
Eleven Eighty-Seven
By VapidFrobie/XenoFrobe

-Chapter 3-
Don't stop, gotta keep moving.
My legs burned, my lungs ached, and my jaws were sore.
He could be right behind you, don't stop.
I doubt I'd ever run so hard in my life.
Front legs, back legs.  Front legs, back legs.  Keep it up.
I was driven solely by instinct, abandoning all reason and logic.
You're slowing down.  Keep go—
I was quite unexpectedly yanked off my feet by a strangling force acting on my neck.  I got back up, blinking my eyes clear and trying to see what happened.  My leash had apparently gotten tangled around a thick stray branch.
This has to come off.
I dropped the gun and began chewing the leash off, all the while glancing worriedly over my shoulder.  I had no idea if anyone was following me or not, but I was feeling paranoid.  It's always safer that way.
Finally, my teeth wore throug
:iconxenofrobe:XenoFrobe 8 11
Project 1187: Chapter 2
Eleven Eighty-Seven
By VapidFrobie/XenoFrobe

-Chapter 2-
I half-awoke some time later.  Things passed me by in a blur.  I remember the woman leaving the car and coming back with several other people and a stretcher.  I remember being wheeled through several long white hallways before ending up in a bright, almost blinding, room.
"He seems stable, for now, "said a male voice.  "You say you hit him with your car?"
"Yeah, by accident.  He was just kind of-standing there in the road.  I saw he had a collar, so I brought him here."
"That is an interesting collar, now that you mention it…"
A hand reached out and grabbed my tags.  "Military dog tags, "the vet said.  "Hmm.  No name, just a number.  One one eight seven.  Blood type, B negative, not an organ donor.  I would assume not, being a dog…  Why would someone give their dog a flu shot?" &
:iconxenofrobe:XenoFrobe 10 21
Project 1187: Chapter 1
Eleven Eighty-Seven
By VapidFrobie/XenoFrobe

-Chapter 1-
Waking up somewhere and finding you have no idea where you are is a real pain.  Doubly so, when your waking moments are spent trying to figure out why the only memories you have take place five seconds ago.
Ugh, what happ--...  where am I?
That, along with a general burning ache pounding throughout your entire body, is extremely unpleasant to wake to.
Okay, well...  Could be worse.  Now where am I?
Looking around, there were only pine trees surrounding me.  I tilted my head back and sniffed.  Nothing.  Just trees, dirt, and faint traces of a squirrel that had long since left the area.
Nothing unusual.  More importantly now…  Who am I?
I looked myself over.  A couple of front paws, grey-to-black patterned fur with a hint of brown, and—
Oh.  That's bad.
I had a slight gash on my
:iconxenofrobe:XenoFrobe 30 39
halloween in the saints ch3pt23 by petplayer976
Mature content
halloween in the saints ch3pt23 :iconpetplayer976:petplayer976 33 13
I Do Not Have a Religion by MustBeInfinito I Do Not Have a Religion :iconmustbeinfinito:MustBeInfinito 67 4 i eat pasta for breakfast pg. 332 by Chibi-Works i eat pasta for breakfast pg. 332 :iconchibi-works:Chibi-Works 607 120 i eat pasta for breakfast pg. 331 by Chibi-Works i eat pasta for breakfast pg. 331 :iconchibi-works:Chibi-Works 395 56 i eat pasta for breakfast pg. 330 by Chibi-Works i eat pasta for breakfast pg. 330 :iconchibi-works:Chibi-Works 472 74 Blackwatch Genji by WANDAKUN Blackwatch Genji :iconwandakun:WANDAKUN 842 15 Bendy boi by akiifunen Bendy boi :iconakiifunen:akiifunen 33 4 A Disgusting Man by Greyninjacked A Disgusting Man :icongreyninjacked:Greyninjacked 16 1 It is you, I devour. by Greyninjacked It is you, I devour. :icongreyninjacked:Greyninjacked 11 5

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